Children's Ministry

It Should Begin with Childrens Ministry

The scripture makes it quite clear that children have a special place in our Savior's heart. And historical evidence and scripture tells us that scriptures were often passed on orally, and at a very young age. Even the book of wisdom, Proverbs (22:6) reminds us to minister to our children early. That is why the Lifehouse church is committed to our children's ministry because it is His ministry. Church in a movie theater? Absolutely, but that isn't the only thing you'll notice about the Lifehouse Church of Newport News.


At LCNN we are driven by our calling to build relationships, to build each other up, and to build the church. You will notice that we are real and that our code of conduct isn't based on bashing people over sin but on lifting them up and focusing on what is right.


We want to begin by helping each other to become more Christ-like, and it doesn't matter where you are on your walk, or even if you haven't accepted Christ yet, there is room and a place for you here at Lifehouse.


Come join us for service and discover the amazing things that are happening with our childrens ministry. Yes, we are the church in a movie theater church, and we are His church. We have been called to invite you to receive Him, to share in His good works, and to make a difference.


Give God one person sold out for Christ and He can change a family. Give Him ten people sold out for Christ and He can change a community, give Him a hundred and He might change a city, or maybe the world. We are here to do our part, one person at a time, as one church, together in Christ to make a difference in Newport News. Do you want to join us because only He knows where we go from here!