Christian Church

The Christian Church and The Message of Christ

If you are looking for church sermons near me that mirror the message of Christ and the Christian church, then we invite you to attend one of our services at the Lifehouse. We are a Christ-centered evangelical church inspired by Him to carry His Word and His light into the world.


For those of us who have been walking with Christ for any length of time, we understand the importance of the Christian church. It is the place for those aforementioned folks searching for church sermons near me. It is the place to gather, share, and worship Him. The church is the "Bride of Christ" and we are married to Him.


If you are new to the walk or if you are still searching, then you should know that the church is vital to the walk of every Christian. The church is where Christians get fed, where they go for guidance, and it becomes their family. All of that will make more sense the more you know, and the more you get to know the Lord.


Are you searching for good teaching, Christ-centered messages and a Christian church that you can call home? Welcome to the Lifehouse, all are welcome and where the love of Christ invites you. Come join us, and follow us as we follow Him - wherever He may go.