9 AM | 10:30 AM | 4:30 PM EST

So, question...  What song would you use to describe the season America is in right now? As we are confronted with economic challenges, an upcoming tsunami of mental health issues, racism and injustice, and a once in a lifetime pandemic, what song would you choose to help us through the season we find ourselves in? 

In the Bible, there is a collection of 150 songs compiled in a book called Psalms. These songs were written for a nation (Israel) and by a nation that had seasons of turmoil, unity, disunity, lament, blessing, crisis, and confusion. In each season, God used songs to help bring healing, rebuke, gladness, clarity, repentance, joy, and perspective. As we look ahead and consider how we as Christ followers and as a nation will navigate the turbulent waters ahead, we need now, more than ever, songs for the season. 

Join us for this powerful and time-sensitive sermon series starting July 12.

 What should you expect?

A 65-minute service that includes worship and a message from God’s Word. Our online services are user friendly, interactive, and something you can watch easily from your phone, computer, tablet, or TV.


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3 Tips to Maximize your online church experience

#1: PROMOTE. If you're on Facebook, share this video with your friends and family. If you're watching from our broadcast platform, share the link via text with a friend or family member. 

#2: FOCUS. Turn off any other devices, close down extra browsers, turn off notifications - whatever you need to do to stay focused and most importantly - stay with us till the very end.

#3: RESPOND. Respond like you would if you were with us at the Regal Kiln Creek theater. Sing along, lift your hands, stand, move your body, take notes, throw an AMEN or a PREACH IT PASTOR in the comments or just yell it at the screen - whatever you want to do to fully immerse yourself in the experience.