Non-denominational Church

A Christ-Centered Non-Denominational Church

Are you looking for a non-denominational church in my area, have you been searching for a non-denominational church that is rooted in the teaching of Christ? Welcome to the Lifehouse, where we preach Christ and the message of salvation by grace alone through faith alone.


We are a church for those who want teaching that is real, relevant, and that speaks to us. We are a church that believes the message Christ gave and that we have been commanded to take His message into the world. We invite you to stop looking for a non-denominational church in my area and join us at the Lifehouse.


The church is known as the "body of Christ" not the building of Christ, so don't let our theater church feel fool you. We are sold out for Jesus and his message is our message. If you are looking for a new church home, a place of worship, or if this is your first time attending a church, welcome and we are so glad you are here.


We are called the Lifehouse Church of Newport News but Christ has called us to much more than that. If you want to be a part of the message and if you want to experience the Christian walk in your everyday life, then we would love to have you at the Lifehouse. Come visit us for a message, some good food, and meet our Lord and Savior as He meets us through our praise.


Let our smiles greet you and allow the love of Christ to welcome you, and may His mercy and grace cover you always. Thank you for stopping by - and we hope you stay.