5Gs: Groups & Giving

July 4, 2017

Hey Everyone,


Pastor John here… As part of the vision of our church, we have what we call the 5GsGrace, Gatherings, Groups, Giving and Growth. Today, I’ve asked my sister, Lacey, to share an amazing experience about a group she led for 15 years. It’s a miraculous giving story, too, I think you’ll find inspiring and encouraging. So, without further ado…


I had known Angie and her adult daughter, Rachel, for a long time. We’d been in the same church, the same Life Group and were students in my adult dance classes. Even with fifteen years of friendship between us, Angie and Rachel were very private people. If something was wrong, you’d never know it. Life had taught them to be strong. Resilient. Handle-it-themselves kind of determined. Be strong for everyone else and don’t show your weakness kind of people.


I knew something was wrong when Angie and Rachel grew distant, quit coming to dance class, and when they did come to Life Group their countenance was concerning. Knowing their value of privacy, I expressed concern and asked if there was anything I could do to help. As expected, they said no. But, I knew something was wrong and decided to commit the matter to prayer. 


The very next night, I received an email from Rachel with a detailed explanation of their situation… They were facing eviction


My heart broke for them as I read the email. I knew I had to do something, but I didn’t know what...


The next day, I went with them to speak to their apartment manager. There, I learned they need $1,700 in 48 hours in order to avoid eviction. As we sat there talking to the manager, I sent a text to our Life Group about the situation. Within 10 minutes, I received replies raising every penny of what they needed. People who didn’t even know them gave to help. 


I can’t explain how it felt to be able to look at the manager and say,


Ma’am, you will have a check for $1,700 in 24 hours. Rachel and Angie have a group of people who love them and will not allow them to be evicted. You’ll see me around this time tomorrow.


The look on Angie and Rachel’s faces were, in the words of an American Express commercial, PRICELESS


We ended up raising more than they needed, allowing them to use the left over money to buy groceries and pay utilities! 


It was truly a miracle! And, you realize how God performed this miracle, right? … Through people. Through a group of giving people who said we’re not loners - we are family. That’s why groups and giving are vital to our journey of faith. We need people. They need us. Jesus didn't walk through life alone - and neither should we! 


With tears in her eyes, I’ll never forget what Angie said to me… 


You know… I always knew you liked us, but now I know you love us.


And, that to me, was PRICELESS


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